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So, Why Work With Us?

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Proven Performance

It’s a rare day when we see a niche for the first time.  We’ve proven our capabilities time and again in most markets, and in many countries.  There are few agencies with a larger more diverse portfolio.

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If you want to grow, then you need a team that grows with you.  That’s why we are always a step ahead with recruiting and training.  We can handle the demand so you don’t have to.

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No Employment Costs

By working with InvisiblePPC, you will never be left with an under-employed, expensive team member on the payroll.  Nor will you have to worry about vacations, sickness or other absences ever again.

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Tools & Resources

We have access to internal resources and Google resource most agencies never even know exist.  We can provide training and support to your agency to help you gain traction and grow to the next level.

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Pre Sales Support

We want you to win the deal as much as you do – after all, we’re in this together.  You have our support with proposals and sales presentations to help you close the deal, that can be all branded to you.

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Fast Response

We know that when a client wants an answer they want it now. Our Support team which is entirely US/UK based, is there to help whenever you need them so you’ll never be left alone to deal with an issue or have questions unanswered.

What We Can Offer


(It’s so much more than PPC Management!)

High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are so important to the success of a PPC campaign that we don’t leave them to chance.  We build, and test high converting landing pages for your clients.

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Call Tracking & Reporting

With so many leads coming from mobile devices, it’s crazy to run a PPC campaign without call tracking in place, and Google’s solution just doesn’t cut it – so we have our own.

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Training & Support

The more you grow, the more we grow! Thats why we’ve invested in a range of training and support solutions designed to help you become the best agency you can be.

Split Testing

Successful PPC doesn’t happen by accident, it results from an awesome strategy and extensive testing.  That’s why we split test pretty much everything.

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Other Networks

If Google Adwords search isn’t enough for you, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got the skills to run Adwords Display, Bing and even Facebook.

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So, How Does All Of This Work?

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Need Help Winning PPC Clients?


Whether your prospect is new to your agency or new to PPC, we will provide you with white labeled PPC presale support to present as your own and help you close the deal.


For prospects new to Google AdWords, send over the details and receive a market analysis, allowing you to set realistic expectations on potential costs, traffic and leads.


Client already using Google AdWords? We will audit and review the account to highlight opportunities for growth and improvement in a ready to brand presentation.


When you’re looking to grow your PPC sales expertise or get assistance on a sales call with an experienced client, we have the additional resources to help bring your agency to that next level.

You’ve Closed A Deal, Congrats! Let’s Get This Started.


We know how important it is to get a client on-boarded quickly and accurately. To expedite the process we have developed efficient systems to make outsourcing your client onboard as smooth and simple as possible.


Every new client starts with our onboarding form. From that point, we set up all the necessary tracking, from calls to website leads, needed to measure the goals and success of your client campaign. We’ll then have a brief call to review and finalize the details and campaign launch date.


After each onboarding call, we’ll set everything up in an AdWords account owned by you or the client for total transparency, but also keep you up to date in order to keep your client in the loop as well.

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Confidence In Pay Per Click Results!


We know that a successfully outsourced Adwords campaign must deliver results to both you, the agency and your client. That’s why we developed a responsible management system that delivers, on top of the results you are already bringing to your clients.


Pay per click campaigns are just one piece of the marketing puzzle, which is why our management will run in tandem with your agency’s other efforts, be it social, organic or reputation management.


Once live, don’t worry about a thing. We regularly optimize your client’s account for you, in line with our strategy that incorporates both our expertise as well as Google and industry best practices.


The InvisiblePPC management process is greater than any single freelancer or virtual assistant. Our team uses proprietary tools to perform highly analytical optimizations on your accounts.


When working with outsourced AdWords teams, you want to know that you’ll get a fast turnaround time for your client’s questions. We provide quick response times with our live chat support available to help you with client concerns, pre-sale questions, form submissions, and all your general inquiries.


While you are busy growing your agency, our team is looking at your client’s account for proactive ways to grow, scale and improve the campaigns. Let our AdWords team provide suggestions to make you look like an expert in your client’s eyes.

Marketing Reports & Dashboards You and Your Clients Will Love!


Finding the right reporting tool is a difficult process for any agency. Our white label PPC reports and live dashboards are produced using Ninjacat – possibly the best white label reporting tool available.


No need to log into AdWords when you can get a bird’s eye view of all top level stats on your client’s campaigns in a easy-on-eyes dashboard. We encourage all agencies to increase transparency by providing each client their own unique dashboard access, a great fit for clients who have ‘PPC trust issues.’


Easily see Bing, AdWords and call tracking numbers rolled up in one easy to comprehend report. Our pre-built monthly reports are filled with charts and graphs that can integrate your other marketing efforts, such as through Google Analytics, just to name one of the many integrations and customizations possible.

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