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So, Why Work With Us?

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Proven Performance

It’s a rare day when we see a niche for the first time.  We’ve proven our capabilities time and again in most markets, and in many countries.  There are few agencies with a larger more diverse portfolio.

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If you want to grow, then you need a team that grows with you.  That’s why we are always a step ahead with recruiting and training.  We can handle the demand so you don’t have to.

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No Employment Costs

By working with InvisiblePPC, you will never be left with an under-employed, expensive team member on the payroll.  Nor will you have to worry about vacations, sickness or other absences ever again.

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Tools & Resources

We have access to internal resources and Google resource most agencies never even know exist.  We can provide training and support to your agency to help you gain traction and grow to the next level.

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Pre Sales Support

We want you to win the deal as much as you do – after all, we’re in this together.  You have our support with proposals and sales presentations to help you close the deal, all branded to you.

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Fast Response

We know that when a client wants an answer they want it now. Our Support team which is entirely US/UK based, is there to help whenever you need them so you’ll never be left alone to deal with an issue or have questions unanswered.

What We Can Offer


(It’s so much more than PPC Management!)

High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are so important to the success of a PPC campaign that we don’t leave them to chance.  We build, and test high converting landing pages for your clients.

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Call Tracking & Reporting

With so many leads coming from mobile devices, it’s crazy to run a PPC campaign without call tracking in place, and Google’s solution just doesn’t cut it – so we have our own.

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Training & Support

The more you grow, the more we grow! Thats why we’ve invested in a range of training and support solutions designed to help you become the best agency you can be.

Split Testing

Successful PPC doesn’t happen by accident, it results from an awesome strategy and extensive testing.  That’s why we split test pretty much everything.

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Other Networks

If Google Adwords search isn’t enough for you, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got the skills to run Adwords Display, Bing and even Facebook.

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So, How Does All Of This Work?

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Need Advanced PPC Prospecting Techniques?


You know your business and you’re a great deal closer, but you don’t always have the time or know-how to find the data for your presentations. You go after high value prospects that are often resistant to traditional proposals. Often, they’ve worked with other agencies and haven’t always seen the results they desire. They’re also looking for an agency that can provide a highly customized, insightful strategy which will produce the leads or sales they need within their business goals.


We can help you win over staunch skeptics with advanced paid search insights specific to their industry and proven search strategies showcasing how you can propel your marketing to the next level. Our in-house designers can also help you offer landing page design and banner ads you might not otherwise be able to add to your menu of services.


Upon your request, we provide presentation ready account audits and proposals. Our solutions offer a one stop option to always look prepared, knowledgeable and professional. Simply take our documents and brand them with your company’s colours and logo to be ready for your next presentation.

Closed The Deal? Let’s Integrate For a Seamless Onboarding Process.


Once you’ve closed the deal, we can help you get your new clients on board quickly and easily. Our systems are designed with your ease and multiple systems integrations in mind. The best part? Our Onboarding Team will walk you through every step of the way to ensure your campaigns go off without a hitch!


We leave nothing to chance with our onboarding process. Our 48 step checklist ensures that everything is in place promptly and efficiently for a professional campaign launch.

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Achieve The Results Your Clients Value


At the end of the day, all efforts are meaningless without being able to show your clients the results they’re looking for. Our management processes and tools are thoughtfully designed to produce results every time.


We optimize accounts using industry-tested standard operating procedures we’ve created through extensive testing and long-tracked efforts. We know you value data-based processes, so we monitor and update our procedures to stay on trend with changes in the field.


We know that PPC is just one part of your agency’s offerings, and at the end of the day the big picture matters. Our seasoned account managers will help you see and explain to your clients how paid search fits in with SEO, reputation management and social media marketing. Their job is to help you understand what can be expected from PPC and how other marketing fits in with your clients’ overall strategies.

Showcase Results with Meaningful Monthly Reports


Leave the report writing to us. We know you’re too busy to write a detailed summary of results for each and every one of your clients. That’s why we generate a full analysis including charts and graphs to fully visualize performance. We don’t stop at a few graphs and charts though, our team can provide you with comprehensive reports that include enhanced analysis, commentary and much more.


Wondering what tool we use? We use NinjaCat, one of the best reporting tools we’ve seen. NinjaCat allows individual agency and client logins, plus beautifully designed reports that can be emailed or downloaded for convenience. What’s more, all our prices are fully inclusive, we pick up the cost.

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Extended Features

As a successful agency, we know your needs don’t stop there. We also offer full feature call tracking with whispers, keyword tracking and adjustable conversion tracking. We know many of you use Google Analytics so we also offer Analytics Goal integration and Google Tag Manager setup for remarketing, conversion tracking and more. Beyond that, we offer the white label experience from start to finish with the ability to place your branding on reports, dashboards and presentations as well as custom reports and dashboards.

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